Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Fragrance Collection by Glade

I am a BzzAgent and have enjoyed being able to spread some bzz about the Fragrance Collection by Glade! I was a bit uncertain at first, thinking it would be:

A) just another store bought candle that's smell would smell fake

B) burn badly leaving lots of soot

C) the smell would be so small as to not make a difference in the way my house smells.

I have been pleasantly suprised and very happy with the results of this candle. It is soy based and also has three lead free wicks. Perfect for those of us who don't want to put unnatural by-products on lead into the air and into our children's lungs!

The smell is wonderful! When you open the candle and smell the smell, that is what you get when you burn it. I have a small house and with three children and two animals, some of the smells may or may not be pleasant, and with this candle I am able to mask any smells that may lingering and it scents the whole house! My husband was pleased when he walked in from work the other day and could smell the pleasantness of the currants and acai candle burning.

There are 5 other scents and it also comes in reed diffusers and room spray, and three of the 6 choices are 92 to 94 % natural. I am looking forward to trying all the other different smells, but not before I finish burning this candle and enjoying it's wonderful, warming scent.

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