Monday, September 07, 2009

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado

I had the chance to read Max Lucado's newest release, Fearless , and I must say I am impressed. I've never actually read a Max Lucado book for adults but my children enjoy his Hermie series so I wanted to give it a chance and am glad that I did. I received the book through Thomas Nelson's Book Review Blogger Program.

As humans, we can usually let fear get the best of us, even Christians can let fear overwhelm them and Max wants people to know that we don't have to let fear control us. He covers a lot of ground in the things that can bring fear on our hearts and minds, and a lot really hit home. Some of the topics he covers are fear of not mattering, fear of disappointing God, fear of not protecting my kids, fear of violence, fear of what's next and several other areas. In each area Max Lucado uses Scripture references relating our fear to something that happened to Jesus, the disciples or some other pivotal person from the Bible. I liked how he showed me how even the greatest men of God had fears and related that back to my life!

I will say that Mr. Lucado does use multiple Bible translations and/or paraphrases such as the Message, Amplified Bible, Contemporary English Version, New American Standard Bible and several others. He does not use any KJV or NKJV in this book, so if that is an issue then I wanted to let you know up front. Even though I am not partial to these translations/paraphrases I still gained a lot in reading this book and would not let myself be put off by the choice of Bible version. If I had let that bother me then I wouldn't have garnished what I did from Fearless. You can use your own Bible in whatever version you prefer to look up the Scripture and just skip the version's he has used.

At the end of the book are discussion questions that can be used either in a group or individual setting to gain deeper insight. The questions will make you delve into your fear issues and you may find yourself letting go of that fear - which can be scary in itself. In a way fear can protect us, keeping us from going down that dark alley alone or making sure our children don't go out of our site in our neighborhoods, but fear can also cause you to not live life to it's fullest. God doesn't want us consumed by fear and that is the point that Max Lucado is trying to make in his newest release, Fearless.

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