Monday, October 05, 2009

God's Girls in Sports by Holly Page

God's Girls in Sports by Holly Page is a book that takes parents through the know how in guiding their daughter's in the benefits and temptations of sports. Written by a former collegiate athlete and also a coach in one form or another over the last twenty-five years, she has much experience in how-to's regarding girls in sports, especially Christian girls. Having three daughters and one son of her own and drawing on all her experience as athlete, coach and mom she writes and excellent book that parents of daughters who want to play sports should read.

She begins her book by explaining the reason why she began questioning girls in sports, when her daughter decided to quit sports in her junior year. What can a girl gain from being in sports, what kind of sacrifices can a girl experience, when should a girl quit sports, and many more questions are just some of what Holly Page tries to answer in her book, God's Girls in Sports. She even touches on the subjects that are deemed off limits to most, such as homosexuality in women's sports, which sports are more masculine and how girls can keep their God given feminity while playing sports. All answers are exceptionally given and backed up with Scripture, which means a lot when you're a parent today trying to raise a Godly girl who wants to play sports.

This is a wonderful resource, even if your daughter is young and still a ways off from high school level sports because Mrs. Page also goes into some detail regarding little league teams. Giving parents ways to be supportive by not fanatical about their daughter's sport involvement as well as ways to relate and communicate with their daughter's coach will provide a good framework when that time comes. Holly Page also wants parents to see that while they may think their daughter has a gift for sports, God may have other plans and parents need to notice that and allow her God given talents to develop even if they aren't sports related. I definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys sports, wants to learn more about female athletes or those who are parents of daughters involved in sports. The book can be found at Authentic publishers in both e-book and softcover format.

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