Sunday, February 22, 2009

UHU January Sample

Well this is going to be my first official review on this blog! I was given a free UHU Stic, which is glue for crafters or whoever else needs glue, in stick form. I love glue and use it a lot. With three children, homeschooling, crafting, etc there is a need for glue in my home, so getting a free glue stick is great.

I didn't use my glue though on a card or scrapbook page, I used it on another review I am preparing for, it's a lapbook that my daughter will begin this week on the New Testament. I used it to attach the cover scroll to the front of the lapbook. Usually we have trouble getting the cover images to stick and stay. Some of our images on her lapbooks curl up and begin to peel off. With the UHU stick I didn't get that. Once I applied it and stuck the cover pieces to the folder it was on and it stayed. I don't see these curling up before I get a chance to laminate it which is great because if you know lapbooks, they get A LOT of use!

So my overall approval rating of the UHU stic is excellent! It was easy to use and you can see where you apply it because it goes on purple. No worries, it dries clear. The only drawback is there is only one size for the applicator so you have to accomodate for narrow or small areas to be glued. I did this by simply rolling the glue on by turning the stick on it's side. Worked great and no issues on getting the glue in other areas besides where I need it!

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a reviewer for UHU products hop on over to: and check out the blog and other projects that some others have done with their UHU glues. This is not the only glue by UHU, there are several others and they are just as good. You can find my other UHU glue reviews by going to and checking out my links on the right side bar.

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Sarah said...

Great new blog, Sarah. Thanks for starting it off with a terrific nod to UHU!