Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Multi-Site Church Road Trip by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird

From the Zondervan website:

The multi-site church movement is reshaping the way we do church. But how does it actually work? And is it right for your church? Enjoy a guided tour of multi-site churches across America and see for yourself how churches are growing and reaching their communities. This companion to The Multi-Site Church Revolution gives you on-site pictures of the new and creative ways churches are expanding their impact through multiple locations.

My Opinion:

I was a bit skeptical at first simply because I am not a mega church person, the impersonal and sometimes lacking Biblical teaching really throws me for a loop, but like a lot of books I've been reading lately I've been pleasantly surprised! With the authors the reader will take a trip covering 15 churches all over America who have gone multi-site and not all of them are mega-churches (or weren't when they started).

I liked being introduced to how churches of varying sizes were able to grow and reach more people wether in the United States or internationally through internet based campuses or through buildings in other countries. These churches and those who pastor them do really seem to care about those who come in every week and for some many service throughout the week - I didn't notice anything about it being impersonal. While some of the more main sermons are given via simulcast or DVD each campus or site has their own Pastor and their own ministries allowing the church community to grow and reach others for Christ. The main points in having multi-sites (from what I gathered from my reading) is that it's a way to gather more people for Christ and continue growing in their (babes and those mature Christians) relationship with Him.

I'm not sure if I see some of the smaller churches in my area going this route, but the authors say it doesn't matter how small your congregation is, it can be done. However, at my church there are only about 50 to 60 people and that includes the children - would it be feasible and financially responsible to do this - I don't know. I do know not everyone can get to where my church is located, out in the country, since public transportation doesn't run there and it would be neat to reap more harvest for God by going multi-site but financially can it be done? This was a great book for lay people who want to get a bigger vision of reaching people for Christ or just want to get more of an idea of what multi-site is all about.

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**I was provided a copy of this book through Zondervan in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.**

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