Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dinosaur Pak and Stak

My children have been really into dinosaurs of late, especially my
children and we teach them about dinosaurs from the Creationist, young earth view. So when I saw the Dinosaur: Pak and Stak put out by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Press, I was very excited! When the box arrived with the Pak and Stak in it my children were excited too.

The Dinosaur: Pak and Stak comes in a handy carry case with colorful images of dinosaurs like T-Rex and the triceratops as well as vegetation and even a baby hatching out of an egg. It is wonderfully sturdy and has stood up to hours of play and wear and even traveling in the van on trips. There is a braided carry handle that makes it easy to carry when it's being transported. The box fastens close with the use of hidden magnets, making it very secure and less likely that the items inside will fall out.

So what's inside? Five wonderful books about five different dinosaurs; tyrannosaurus rex, pteranodon, triceratops, the Biblical leviathan, and stegosaurus. The books are board books and are well made. Each book gives information about each dinosaur such as where the skeletons were found, how much they weighed or where they lived when they lived. In the case of the leviathan, the Scripture is given where it can be found in the Bible. There is also five stacking blocks that serve as a puzzle, the solution to the puzzles are on the back of the books. The blocks are full colored and a wonderful addition to learning more and driving home facts about what the children learned in the books.

At the end of one of the books the dinosaurs are pictured with Adam and Eve, which is great to see since God created all animals at one time - meaning He didn't wait for the dinosaurs to become extinct before creating humans or other animals. They all were created by Him and lived at the same time. So this is a great addition to a bookshelf for a young earth Creation family who values Biblical truth when it comes to our earth, it will be enjoyed for years to come.

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