Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dinosaurs Stars of the Show by Amie Zordel

Dinosaurs Stars of the Show by Amie Zordel and illustrated by Joanna Borrero is a wonderful addition to any family's library that believe in Biblical Creationism and not 'millions and millions' of years ago. Mrs. Zordel is a wife and mom of three daughters, who was inspired to write this book after her 7-year-old daughter's exposure to evolution while watching children's programming. She wanted to provide a way for families to give Biblical answers to questions that children ask.

The beautifully illustrated, 8 X 10, hardcover book begins with a little girl watching a show, innocently enough, about dinosaurs and then comes the scientist who starts talking about how dinosaurs are millions of years old and they formed out of nothing without a plan. The little is girl is stunned and starts out to find out for herself about the truth behind the dinosaurs.

The little girl pulls out her Bible and begins to read about the Creation of our earth, by our Heavenly Father. My children all enjoyed this book, with the rhyming of the words it really keeps their attention as well as driving home what we believe about Biblical Creationism. Also since it involves dinosaurs this does appeal to almost all children, all three of mine are enjoying learning more about dinosaurs although they tire of hearing millions of years. I really recommend that if you want to surround your children with Biblical examples and they enjoy dinosaurs this is a good place to start. It debunks the evolution based theories in a easy to understand, child like manner.

This is an excellent book, one that can be treasured for years to come. I found myself wrapped up in the story as well and enjoying the pictures. Another good idea would be to request your local library to purchase a copy or two, so families can all have access to the Truth about evolution. So please check out Dinosaurs Stars of the Show put out by Master Books a division of New Leaf Press.

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