Sunday, July 05, 2009

WisdomKids: Psalm 1 - Be Like A Tree (Sharon Crooks)

WisdomKids: Psalm 1 - Be Like A Tree written by Sharon Crooks which is a wonderful unit study and Bible copywork together. Sharon makes it clear this is not meant to replace regular Bible study but instead is to complement it. There are 34 pages, filled with copywork, coloring pages, question and answers, word study and certificate of completion.
By the end of doing this unit study children will have learned Psalm 1 and be able to recite it and also know what it means. Children can memorize all the Scripture they want but if they don't understand the what and why behind it then they can't effectively use it in their life. Sharon Crooks puts an end to this, by utilizing a fun way for children to memorize and learn about a section of the Scripture passage each week and building on it, it makes memorizing and understanding easy.
The Scripture is taken from the International Children's Bible but once they learn this version of the Scripture, the NKJV is included at the end so that the child can learn another version of the Scripture. I like the fact that the Bible used is a simpler, easier to understand version for the children and as they grow in Biblical truths and understanding of Scripture they can move on to the more difficult (but beautiful) language of the KJV.
The listed ages for this are 5 through 13. I know my soon to be 5 year old would not be ready for the copywork portion but would enjoy the coloring pages while the coloring would be somewhat simple for my 7 year old but the copywork would be just right for her. My two year old has a couple years. You would have to use your best judgement as to what works for each child, thankfully CurrClick offers you a full sized mini preview so you can see what is included in this great Bible Unit Study by Sharon Crooks.

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