Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Made the World? by Kathleen Long Bostrom

I received Who Made the World by Kathleen Long Bostrom through Tyndale's Blog Network and am very glad to have had the opportunity to review another book in the Little Blessings series. The books are illustrated by Elena Kucharik and published by Tyndale House.

These small, 5 3/4 X 7 1/4, hardcover books are a great addition to any Christian's home. Helping little ones ages 3 to 6 get answers that sometimes even adults have trouble answering, whether the trouble is that we don't actually know the answer or we're unsure as to how we need to word it for a child, this book helps. At 80 pages it's a quick read or it can be made into a mini Bible study using the Bible references at the back of the book and going, as age allows, into more depth about what the book teaches.

The illustrations and wonderfully done and engaging to children of any age. My children were constantly pointing out something new about a picture that I had missed. The illustrations shows children being active in the world around them and enjoying God's creations of animals, space and plants. The children are happy in the books and I noticed when reading this to a grumpy or tired child their disposition changed for the better - a more Godly attitude.

I do recommend this book for any family that wants to keep instilling Biblical truths in their children, as we are told to do through out the entire day. These books would be ideal for any Christian, regardless of denomination, just to simply answer children's questions. Church libraries, private school libraries would even benefit from these books, they would also make a wonderful Christmas, Easter, birthday or baby dedication gift as there is a illustrated "presented to" area in the front of the book.

Please visit Tyndale House Publishing for more information about purchasing this cute little book for a child in your life.

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