Monday, August 24, 2009

D is For Dinosaur: A Rhyme Book and More by Ken and Mally Ham

Are you looking for something to teach your children about Creation and Dinosaur but coming up short handed with all the evolution based 'stuff' out in the market today? In today's evolutionary and humanistic society our children are bombarded by non Biblical world views. I have a wonderful resource for parents and others who want to deliver Biblical truths about Creation and dinosaurs.
Master Books a division of New Leaf Publishing has published a wonderful resource written by Ken and Mally Ham titled D is For Dinosaur. The book is a three one resource for teaching young children (although my 7 year old also enjoyed it) more about Creation from a Biblical Creationist standpoint. The book is a three in one book that includes a wonderfully written ABC rhyme book, a coloring book, and a devotional/teaching book that can be used by Sunday Schools, Home School, Christian School or just by a parent who wants to add to their at home teaching after school hours.
The book measures 11 X 8 1/2 inches and is hard covered with 124 pages and there are beautifully illustrated pictures. The pictures are drawn with keeping the children's interest in mind while they listen to the story and learn the alphabet and Creation story as the story is read. Full of educational value this book will be treasured for years to come and even be passed down through the generations, creating a godly generation. The second part of the book is the coloring book which has images from the story that the children can color themselves. The story is retold along side the coloring pages. The third section, included beside the coloring pages (devotional/teaching guide) has notes to the parents or teachers (or in my case both) which gives ideas for deepening the educational use of the book. Student exercises are also included that can provide additional hands-on learning for the entire family. I think any Christian family regardless of denomination could use this book, especially those who believe in the young earth and Biblical Creation.

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