Tuesday, December 29, 2009

God Has Not Forgotten About You...And He Care More than You Can Imagine by Leslie Haskin

From the Bethany House Publisher website:

When everyday concerns and problems linger--when desires of our heart go unmet--it's easy to wonder if we've done something wrong or if God cares.

Leslie Haskin is no stranger to these feelings, but through adversity she has emerged victorious.

"This book is honest and straightforward. It is about real life for real people," Leslie says. "Whether the struggle is emotional, spiritual, or physical, I write for those who, like me, would like some answers but even more need a revival of spirit.

"Nothing in our lives is too small for God, so be encouraged in your walk with Him today. You indeed can make it to the other side of whatever you are facing and be better for the experience. I assure you, God loves you more than you can imagine."

My Opinion:

There are times when we all think that God has forgotten us and we wonder does He hear our prayers and needs? Of course this also makes our faith stronger in the end when we realize, yes, He does care and He answers us in His way. It is hard to keep that in mind though when trials come our way, it may be a sick child or it could be something major - like a bank foreclosing on the house.

Leslie Haskin's has written a book for all of us who need reassurance that God is present and He is listening and wants to comfort us. Leslie Haskin escaped one of the towers at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and she knows what the lowest of lows can be like, today she is active in mission work. She has founded Safe HUGS which is a ministry that helps women and children.

"God Has Not Forgotten About You" is a book that can speak to the emotional, spiritual and physical parts of our beings that need God so much. There are words to savor in this book and it is a book that takes some time to read as the words are digested and weighed against God's Word. Thankfully this book is Scripturally based, or at least I found it to be and that is what counts for me - there are not enough platitudes that anyone can write to comfort me unless it's based on God's Word.

**This book was provided to me by Bethany House Publishers for my honest review.

***This book can be purchased at Bethany House Publishers website.

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