Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Sex in the City by Lindsey N. Isham

"No Sex in the City" written by Lindsey N. Isham was an interesting read. Miss Isham is a virgin and she isn't ashamed to acknowledge that fact because that is what God wants of her and all unmarried Christians to be until marriage. She has been working for over 13 years with singles and traveled nationwide speaking to audiences of women of varying ages. Kregel Publishing has found an author that will appeal to the younger generation of Christians who also uses sound Scriptural basis for their writings.

This book is a frank outlook on single women who have choosen to remain pure until marriage. Since I want my daughter's (and son) to also be virgins until marriage I was intrigued by this book and I must say some of the terminology was shocking! Terms such as 'horny', 'one-eyed snake' and 'get laid' were just some of the terms that I came across that made me uncomfortable. No, I'm not a prude but I simply find these terms unusable for Christians - not to mention pure, modest Christian women. I would not let my daughter's read this book - these terms are ones that I don't think they need to know and it's my prayer that I can avoid them learning these things.

I can see where this book would reach a young woman who is in the world and not sure if they want to continue living an abstinent lifestyle. Also I could see where today's church would not have an issue since most try to be culturally sensitive, but if you want a book that is more modest in terminology this isn't the book. However, this book does have the redeeming quality of sound Scriputural basis, and most books that come out today for young people do not have this quality. Overall, I can see it's niche but I also would not let my daughter's nor the daughter's of my friends read this book.

**This book was provided to me by Kregel Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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Anonymous said...

For a "modest Christian woman" I read the book and was not all offended in her words of choice. Some words did catch me off guard but it's not like I haven't heard it uttered out the mouth of others before. I'm in my early 20's and feel that your daughter will benefit tremendously from the book. How about you read it together? As mother and daughter instead of not letting her read the book at all. Plus from my understanding she used the word “horny” as shock value, but to also talk about an issue that is never really discuss in most churches. Which is that young women or women have struggles with lust and sexual temptation not just the men.