Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stories From Japan: Past to Present by Al Hammond

"Stories From Japan: Past to Present" by Al Hammond is a wonderful book for those whose hearts are called to missions or want to experience mission work from a first hand account. I am both of these, I yearn to do mission work and right now the mission is my home but my heart aches for those in countries who are persecuted for being Christian or who don't even know the Lord.

Mr. Hammond has a knack for writing about the Japanese culture from a missionary's viewpoint and makes the reader feel as if they know the people he ministers to and almost like they are there with him and his family. For sixteen years Al Hammond and his family served as missionaries to Japan planting churches and editing an open forum magazine. With much love, which comes through his writing, the reader will enjoy Mr. Hammond's book about the Japanese people.

"Stories from Japan" covers invitation, adjustments, rejection, communication, bonding, student encounters, women, mission strategies, readjustment to America, demon encounters and many more in it's forty chapters. Throughout the entire book one feels like they are with the Hammonds through all the trials of mission work and can feel the love and sometimes even a level of frustration (isn't it frustrating when you're not sure of cultural norms?). I felt like I was observing from an outsider looking in when I read this book.

Even though it is a long read, it is so worth it! It is an edifying read of how Christians can reach out and minister to others with sacrifice and not want anything in return. I do recommend Mr. Hammond's book to others who desire to learn more about missionaries and try to understand what goes on in a missionary's life.

**I was given a copy of this book by Mr. Al Hammond through Believer's Press in exchange for my honest review.

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