Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brides of Gallatin County Books 1 and 2

I had the chance to read books 1 and 2 in the Brides of Gallatin county series by Tracie Peterson. The first one is "A Promise to Last Forever" and the second one is "A Love to Last Forever". These book are an great read and keep you in it's grips until you read the last page of the book.

A "Promise to Believe In" introduces the readers to the Gallatin sisters who also happen to live in Gallatin County in the wilds of Montana in the late 1800's. They have lived most of their lives without a mom, who died in childbirth while trying to birth her fourth child. Their father takes them and moves constantly without ever finding stability until moving to Gallatin County where he owns and operates (with his three daughters) the Gallatin House, where people traveling the stage can stop for a meal and rest.

"A Promise to Believe In" focuses on the character, Gwen, who was widowed right after her wedding. Her husband's brother comes calling to find his brother and see where a secret is hidden. Of course there is romance but there is nothing risque or un Christian about there behavior. There is discussion about the brothel in town and how the sisters can help the prostitutes but again besides mention of one of the sister's penchant for dime novels and her mind wandering once, nothing is said that would make this book unreadable to the Christian.

Book 2: "A Love to Last Forever", focuses on sister, Beth. She is the one who read the dime novels. I was shocked to learn what dime novels really were and I won't go into that here. Beth lives her life trying to measure up to her dime novel stories and when she realizes her life and real life is nothing like what is in the books makes her cherish the Bible all the more. She too evenutally finds love in a imperfect but godly man.

The two main issues I have about the books are the fact of the dime novels, it seems as if it does bother the older sister but no one makes any move to Beth she can't read them and why she shouldn't read them. From what I understand dime novels were often times trashy reads and would sully the mind and make it impure. The second issue is that of dresses, the other sister, Lacy (whose story is to come) is more tom boy and sees nothing wrong in wearing pants or split skirts. She feels being feminine and wearing dresses as being weak and terrible. Women through out time have been able to work, tend house, children, gardens, mine, ride horses, ride bicycles all in dresses.

I will say overall the books are very well written and you really feel like you are in the Gallatin House and seeing what goes on in the three sister's lives. I would recommend these books to those who are strong in their faith and convictions. They were fast, enjoyable reads and I would read them over again - if I had the time :)

You can find the information to purchase the books here: A Promise to Believe In
and here: A Love to Last Forever

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