Sunday, May 24, 2009

Veiled Freedom by J.M. Windle

Excellent! Riveting! Great writing! Suspense! Well all these words would do a great job in succintly telling about a book I just read published by Tyndale and written by J.M. Windle titled Veiled Freedom. I had never heard of the author but am glad that I gave this book the chance it deserved, because if I hadn't I would have missed out on an excellent book.
The book takes us to Kabul in 2001 after American forces have 'freed' Afghanistan from the Taliban. We have no idea just how much the Afghan people are still in prison though by their new, corrupt government. Eight years pass as Special Forces veteran, Steve Wilson, returns as a security chief. Aboard the same plane to Afghanistan is relief worker, Amy Mallory, who wants to change the entire world. Imagine the challenges she faces being a young, single, Christian woman in Afghanistan but love can conquer all. This is not a romance between a male and female but a romance between a woman's greater love for a country in need, a love for her Savior and their love in return.
The first two chapters were slow moving but I am so glad that I kept going because after I hit chapter 3 it was hard to put down! The historical accurance of this book will have you feeling as if you are really standing in the streets of Afghanistan, feeling the stuffiness in the burqas, the dirt that you breathe in. The fast past doesn't detract from the story, in fact adding to it, as I can't imagine anything going at a slow rate in Afghanistan. I felt like I shared in Amy Mallory's decisions and how to come to grips of not being able to save the world. I too one time have been idealistic in wanting to change the world and it's a rude awakening when you realize all too well it's a job that no one can do, but One.
I would ask you to please check out this book, you can find a way to purchase it through Tyndale and see if you enjoy it as much as I did. I will say that the day I began reading this book I recieved word that my cousin and his unit will be deployed to Afghanistan, he is more than likely already there, so to say reading this book hit home somewhat is an understatement. Being a veteran and coming from a long line of veterans, it makes me proud.

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Amy said...

This sounds like one I would really enjoy. Thanks, I'm putting it on my to-read list.