Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love is A Verb by Gary Chapman

"Love is A Verb" is a book of stories "of what happens when love comes alive". Love has to be alive to bring forth fruit and this book definitely proves that.

Several authors comprise this book of stories about love and living love. It may be the lady who choose to love her husband when she just wanted to run away. The husband who learns to love his wife more when she develops Alzhiemer's Disease. The neighbor lady who 'adopts' a lonely next door girl. A woman adopting children no one else wanted even after raising her own three children.

"Love is A Verb" was a fast read but one that will not leave your memory so fast. Mr. Chapman offers tidbits at the end of each story that may show you just how to live that love that Jesus embodied so well. The short stories may well open your eyes and have you love that unlovable neighbor, the spouse that is chronically ill, the child that never listens and goes the way of the prodigal son. Whatever is going on this book may just show you the value of loving those who we deem unlovable. If we shed our preconcieved notions of who deserves our love then we can fully embrace everyong in love and treat them even if they may not really be deserving of love - like the abusive ex husband.

Gary Chapman has put together a book that is a gem and can make one really think about how they are treating others around them. Even if you aren't a Christian, loving others can make this world a better place to be and maybe the person you showed love to will show love to someone else! You can visit Bethany House to purchase "Love is A Verb".

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