Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tides of Truth Book 2 (Higher Hope) by Robert Whitlow

Tami Taylor is a law clerk during the summer and there is something that differentiates her from the other clerks and attorneys. I wasn't sure at first when I first started reading this book but am so glad that I continued on with it.
Tami comes from a family who values their Christian faith, through the way they dress, act, talk, work and school - their faith in God comes through loud and clear. This shows in Tami's work at the law firm especially when the lines between God and the law can become blurred.
Tami is put to work on a case that proves to hit close to home when the firm is hired to a libel case against a female preacher. Some fear that Tami's beliefs will be the firm's downfall. I won't say what happens so I don't spoil the read for you, but it wasn't what I thought was going to happen! I love twists and turns in plots that keep me guessing and keep me alert.
There is romance in the form of courtship! It's great to see an author taking this old fashioned way of finding a spouse and making it so it is a good thing and not a horrible, fuddy duddy frame of mind. While Tami's fellow law clerk alludes to less than moral standards with her boyfriend, nothing is said in detail. Also fellow homeschoolers will enjoy reading this because there is something about Tami's and the man she is courting lives that will surprise you especially when it's a topic that is usually made fun of or put down.
This is a great read and very enjoyable. I would suggest that you visit Thomas Nelson and purchase a copy of this book for yourself to see just how enjoyable Mr. Whitlow's books are.

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