Thursday, June 04, 2009

God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh

My oldest daughter who is 7 has been asking for this Bible for some time so we were excited to see it come up for a review opportunity on Thomas Nelson's blogger review program.

I am so happy to finally be the owner of God's Little Princess Devotional Bible the hardbound cover is beautiful in pink with sparkles and a crown complete with 'jewels'. The binding looks like it will hold up to years of use and with two daughters that is something is a big plus in our family. You can learn more about Sheila Walsh by visiting her website.

  • The devotional Bible has the following features: Down in my Heart, Beauty Secrets, Bible Princesses, My Hero, Take A Bow, I Adore You!, Princess Charming, Worthy of Love and Royal Truths.

I will admit at first I was kind of leery about Beauty Secrets because we don't use makeup and jewelry is limited to special occassions, one pair of earrings and play dress up. That isn't what is though so I am very happy with that. Beauty secrets is letting your real beauty, the inside and the way God made you to shine through. She writes as how it relates to the girl today, talking about glasses and other relevant life happenings.

There is a section for parents that tell you how each section is supposed to work. Down in my Heart promotes Scripture memory, Take a Bow is a way for girls and their moms to put on a play that is Biblically sound, Princess Charming gives the girl insight into manners, poise and charm. Everything is Biblically sound and written for easy understanding for a child aged 4-7. Scripture and Bible stories come from the International Children's Bible for easier understanding. This is an excellent Bible tool for getting a girl digging deep into the Bible and relating it to everyday life.

If you'd like a chance to purchase God's Little Princess Devotional Bible visit the Thomas Nelson website.

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