Thursday, June 25, 2009

Helping Those Who Hurt by Barbara M. Roberts

I had a chance to read the book Helping Those Who Hurt by Barbara M. Roberts through NavPress's Blogger Review Program. I am going to tell you about the book, the author and then give you my opinion on it.
About the Book:
Life's struggles affect everyone at some time. Whether you're a friend of someone who hurts, a layperson in ministry, or a professional counselor, you need guidance and practical advice during the pain of a crisis. Get the wisdom and direction you're looking for in Helping Those Who Hurt.
Barbara Roberts offers lists, step-by-step directions, Scripture, and dozens of tips from her own experience as the director of a large Caring Ministry department. Written in a practical, conversational manner, this book lends support for the crises your encounter.
About the Author:
Barbara M. Roberts has directed the Caring Ministry department for Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church in Englewood, Colorado, for more than twenty years, helping many families and individuals through grief and loss, death, suicide, addiction, and all other life crises discussed in Helping Those Who Hurt. She is a conference speaker and teacher on these and other Caring Ministries subjects.
**The author and book information is taken from the back of the book entitled Helping Those Who Hurt**
My opinion:
I have a heart for people and selected this book based on this and my education in Social Work. I wasn't prepared for the depth of this book, it is a heavy read and does take some time to work through. While it is done in an easy style it can be hard to digest everything in one reading. I would suggest if you are reading this to minister to others that you read through it once and then as each crisis arises then flip to the section you need. It would be impossible to remember all the great and relevant information by reading it only one time.
There are many sections, such as, illness and hospital visitation, crisis, aging, death (within death it includes suicide, SIDS, miscarriage, infertility, violent death, among others), grief, troubled marriages and divorce, addiction (gaming, pornography, chemical addictions, eating, etc), domestic violence, rape, and most important forgiveness. There is also an additional section on resources so that additional books with more information on what is covered in Helping Those Who Hurt can be obtained.
I would say this book would be great for someone who has a total heart for helping those in crisis whether on a full time basis or even just for the friend or family member who wants to help out one another. Anyone within a pastoral setting would also benefit from this, I have seen pastors try to help but sometimes fall short or make a situation worse without realizing it and I think this book can be an effective to learn fast how to deal with crises that happen in people's lives.

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