Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Dream to Call My Own by Tracie Peterson

There are some series when you know that it's going to end but you don't want it to because the characters have become friends. This is the case in the Brides of Gallatin County book 3 entitled A Dream To Call My Own by Tracie Peterson and published by Bethany House. What a great series it has been and it was great meeting the Gallatin sisters.

This book is the story of Lacy Gallatin, the third and youngest of the Gallatin sisters. She is strong willed and not at all like women of her day and she has a mission - to find her father's killer. Dave Shepard has been one to tell Lacy how unfeminine she is and it drives Lacy crazy - to the point where she and the deputy sheriff for Gallatin crossing bicker and fight. Neither are prepared for their feelings and are even more unprepared for what happens later.

This story is one of suspense, as the unsavory characters want to ruin Gallatin Crossing and have plans to take over the town for their own immoral and illegal happenings, regardless of who gets hurt - or killed. The characters become even more real as they have grown in the past two books in their faith in God and realize they must rely on Him and Him only for them to survive. The suspense is woven throughout the entire book, making it one that is hard to put down, at the same time though you don't want to leave the characters.

A Dream to Call My Own is also a love story, one of imperfectness, as all love is. A story of learning, truthfulness and communication. The characters realize that failure to learn can mean that they won't grow, either in their Faith or in their own personal lives such as becoming a lady. The characters emerge strong and it isn't your usual sappy love story - although I will say the kissing scenes would be inappropriate for a unmarried, young lady to read since the two kissing are not married - but the characters know when to say when because not only do they fear for their own reputations but they worry more about what God would think - much more important.

Kudos go out to Tracie Peterson for once again weaving another wonderful story! I'd love to see an addition telling her readers what happens to the Gallatin sisters, their town, children and husbands. Wouldn't it be nice to drop in again and see your friends to see what they have been up to?

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