Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna

I had the chance to review The Wackiest Wildest Weirdest Animals in the World by Jack Hanna and published by Thomas Nelson.

My children love animals, any animals, particularly hippos, penguins, lions, bunnies and horses. So this book was a big hit in our house and as soon as I unpacked it they were devouring it! My oldest began reading it right away to my younger children. I love how a book that has a theme which all children love can bring peace into a house!

I was impressed with this book as well. I particularly like books that don't focus on millions of years or evolution - none of which I found in this book. Educational is also one of my goals for books, and this hit the nail on the head. There are over 20 different animals listed in this book and you can learn about what they eat, where they live, how big they get, what makes them wild, weird or wacky and a few other neat facts about the animal. For instance did you know that the Great White Shark's skin looks rubbery but it actually feels like sandpaper? Neither did I, nor do I want to get close enough to check it out personally!

The book is a hardback with a colorful cover and animals on it, which will grab your and your children's attention immediately. The pages are wonderfully thick, just right for the little ones in the house to be able to enjoy the book without risking ripping the pages. The pages are also very colorful, with huge pictures of the animals so you can get up close and personal to the animal. The book is not overly difficult to read so that the youngest reader with a good knowledge of phonics can grasp the words. My 7 year old read it just fine, with some help sounding out some words or names, like Chameleon.

Also included in the book, is a DVD full of bloopers from Jack Hanna. This didn't interest my younger two as much as it did my oldest and I. There were some funny moments that made me laugh out loud. The DVD is secured in the front of the book in a plastic case that can be removed. If you order this book on a hot summer day though be prepared for the gluey tape that holds it together to become very sticky! I had to put some packing tape over the area where the DVD was secured to cover up the glue factor from the DVD. Overall though it wasn't a major drawback.

I do recommend this book w/DVD to any parent who has children who enjoys animals or just wants their children to learn more about animals. So if your child would like to know what animal can lick it's own ears, eats regurgitated food for dinner or smells like popcorn then I suggest you get this book written by Jack Hanna, the Director Emeritus of the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo.

You can purchase this book directly through Thomas Nelson.

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Canadianladybug said...

Hey Sarah.

Love the review and looking forward to get mine...

For the glue comment. check out Goo Gone. It's a wonderful product that helps a lot with sitcky part. You can find it anywhere - I would assume that WalMart has it. Google it to see what I am talking about. Goo Gone is prefect for removing exceedent glue from books and other places. Try it!